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The North Hampshire Clinic was opened by Carol Graham in 2016.  Carol had been a full-time psychotherapist in private practice for many years before she completed her post graduate qualification in psychosexual and relationship therapy.  Carol had been acutely aware of the lack of psychotherapists and counsellors in the North Hampshire area who had specialist psychosexual training enabling them to work ethically and competently with sexual and relationship issues, and so the clinic was born.

At the North Hampshire Clinic, we specialise in Sex Therapy, Relationship Counselling and Sex Education. We offer a non-judgmental, safe environment for you to explore your sexuality, your relationships and the problems that they may bring.

We have a healthy outlook on sex and don’t have any trouble talking about it. Sex is fundamental, after all, it is the reason we are all here!

Carol Graham

Founder of the North Hampshire Clinic, Psychotherapist, Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist, Hypnotherapist and EMDR Practitioner.

Carol specialises in psychosexual and relationship therapy and is the founder of the North Hampshire Clinic in Basingstoke. Carol is a fully qualified Psychotherapist, Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist, Hypnotherapist and EMDR Practitioner. She is an accredited member of the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT), a senior accredited member of the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP) and a registered member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP).

“I have been enjoying a truly fascinating and rewarding career for many years helping people change their thoughts and behaviours for a better life experience. Using the many tools in my therapeutic tool box, I have helped hundreds of clients with many issues.” Since opening the North Hampshire Clinic, and choosing to specialise in sex and relationship issues, I have noticed that my work hasn’t changed that much.  I am still working with fears, phobias, addictions, anxiety, depression, weight and body image issues, confidence and motivation issues. It’s obvious; whatever is going on in your life, if something is affecting your mental health, your physical health, your finances, your work or your relationships, it’s almost surely going to affect your sex life”.

“I have always had a very healthy outlook on sex, I’m sex positive and I’m able to be very open and candid with my clients.  I believe it’s because of this, that they very quickly begin to feel at ease. I approach my work with kindness, empathy and a little bit of humour, where it’s appropriate”.

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Nicky Stacey

Trainee Psychotherapist

Nicky is nearing the end of her study for an Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling. We are delighted that she will be joining the team, working with Carol to complete her qualification and specialise in sex and relationship issues. As part of her training, she will be working at the Clinic every Friday.

Previously, Nicky has enjoyed a career in coaching, where she worked with individuals and groups to achieve their career goals.

“As a corporate coach, I would always look at all aspects of a person’s life to ensure that they have balance. After all, how can a person be expected to achieve at work if they have problems in other areas of their life? A person’s health, financial situation, home life, social life, and their intimate relationships can all impact hugely on their ability to meet their career goals. Time after time, during my work, I would notice how dissatisfied people were in their relationships.

This extremely rewarding career fuelled my curiosity about how I could add to the skills I was already using to help people further in their personal lives.  Hence my decision to become a psychotherapist and specialise in helping people in their relationships”

During Nicky’s training, we are offering sessions with her at £40 for one hour. Her work will be mentored by Carol Graham together with regular supervision sessions, to ensure the efficacy of her psychotherapy practice which, in turn, will enable her to work towards the best possible therapeutic practice for you.

If you would like to take advantage of this reduced cost and book a session, please email us at stating you would like an appointment with Nicky.

Jess Simmonds

Co-creator of North Hampshire Clinic e-Therapy

Jess specialises in technology and digital marketing and is working alongside Carol to build the North Hampshire Clinic’s new e-Therapy Courses, due to be launched throughout 2019.

“I started working with Carol in 2018 and quickly found a passion for the work that she has been doing within the Clinic. I found it extremely interesting, and eye-opening, learning and understanding the true intricacies of sex and relationships, together with the real difference that being open and communicating with your partner (and others) can make I am extremely excited to be co-creating the new e-Therapy courses with Carol, which will allow us to support more couples and individuals, who for many reasons may not be able to access face to face therapy sessions”

If you would like to know more about how you can get involved with our eTherapy courses or when they will be available, email Jess at

Professional Organisations

College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists

Accredited member of COSRT, the UK's leading organisation for Therapists specialising in sexual and relationship issues. For over 30 years it has ensured members keep up-to-date with the latest developments in therapy, providing training and conferences and all therapists abide by a professional code of ethics.

British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy

A member of BACP, this professional association works to ensure safe, ethical and competent practice in counselling and psychotherapy.

National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP)

A Senior Accredited Member of NCP. Formed in 1971, members of the Council are bound by a published Code of Conduct to ensure high levels of professional standards, providing a safe and ethical practice for patients. 

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